vortex energy

What is a vortex?

How does a vortex form?

Why does a vortex form?

Where does a vortex form?

This website answers those questions.

Lets start with the first question:

A vortex is such an amazing thing, that it is hard to even answer “what” is a vortex? Is it a anomaly,  a phenomenon, a pulling force like gravity, an event of energy and mass? It shows up as a tornado, a hurricane, a dust devil, many say a black hole. It is a cone shaped anomaly made of matter and energy moving in a circular motion. It has at least 3 dimensions. The center is always hollow, and seems to possess its own dimensional properties separate from the rest of the cone. The vortex appears when there is a certain “convergence” of “factors” that often involve thermodynamic energy, but can be any type of energy including plasma, the 4th state of matter.


the lab

What We Do

I have been researching vortex energy for 31 years. My profession for the last 40 years has been an electronic engineering technician. I’ve worked on a vast array of different technologies from experimental fusion reactors to robotics. To the right is a picture of my Lab. 

My involvement in vortex energy research happened through a convergence of connections I had back in the 80’s and 90’s. With the help of friends and associates, I built my first magnetic vortex machine in 1990. Since then, I have been researching vortex energy for 31 years.

I will put the bottom line first here, in case you have little time to read the rest of this web site. My proposal, if you would be so kind as to let me make one, is that magnetic vortex energy can be created using properly energized iron cones. In a cone to cone configuration it can be harnessed to create a magnetic bubble strong enough to contain a fusion reaction. There are likely many other uses for vortex energy such as defensive shielding for space craft, propulsion for space craft, and more.

I worked on a Tokamak fusion reactor at General Atomic in San Diego early on in my career, in the 80’s. Perhaps it is because of my experience there that I thought of the application of this vortex energy machine for fusion. It is said everything happens for a reason.

Above and to the center left side is the vortex energy device I built and have been using for many years to prove the concept I am proposing. A single cone can be energized to create a single magnetic vortex. A dual cone configuration can be used to create a magnetic bottle, among other things.

I think that this configuration may be much more cost effective and efficient than the toroidal configuration of the typical fusion reactor, which is based upon the Tokamak design using the toroid approach to plasma containment. I think that the cone to cone approach lends itself to building micro fusion reactors far easier than the Tokamak designs. This could be a critical component of solving the climate change dilemma we are currently in. We will need nuclear power, and micro fusion is safer since it would preventing the production of more dangerous fission waste.

  • How does a vortex form?

  • When does a vortex form?

  • Where does a vortex form?

  • What does a vortex look like?

  • What math explains a vortex?

  • Is a vortex related to more than meets the eye?

Nature’s Vortex

It is appropriate to ask, after 31 years what have I learned about vortex energy? Am I able to answer how and why does a vortex form? Yes, I can answer those questions. However before asking the how and why questions, we should continue to also ask what is a vortex? 

Hurricanes, cyclones

There are obvious answers such as a vortex is a tornado, hurricane or cyclone. Some might say a black hole as well. Therefore, if one studies the naturally occurring vortex like the 3 above, perhaps one could find the answers to many questions about vortex energy. It seemed like a good place to start 31 years ago so that is what I did.


Meteorologists’ often explain that a tornado forms when a cold front hits a warm front (or visa versa). The word “front” refers to a large zone of barometric pressure which can be either warm or cold air. When two opposing forces of energy collide, it can form a vortex.

In the same manner, when a cold damp air from northern latitudes collides with warm oceans currents coming from the equator, hurricanes and cyclones can occur over the oceans of the world.

This may answer the “when” a vortex forms, but not the “why”. Why a vortex suddenly forms out of two clashing fronts of barometric pressure is still a mystery. When the vortex forms it demonstrates energy far beyond what normal physics can explain. When a tornado forms there is a critical point where the energy signatures suddenly show exponential increases that can become self sustaining for a period of time. These result in the “twister” that touches the ground with incredible and unexplainable force. Current physics cannot explain it. The exponential increases in energy seems to come from nowhere.

Spark New Ideas

Many scientists believe a black hole is actually a vortex shaped entity, rather than just a circle with no light. After a sun lives a good life as a source of gravity, heat and radiation, it eventually goes super nova and becomes a red giant.

At that point, due to the forces of gravity causing it to collapse, gravity squeezes every element of matter in the universe out of the red giant, and throws it out into space.  Then the forces of gravity collide with the forces that keep matter together, such as magnetism and nuclear forces and a black hole appears. Again, it is two opposing forces that ultimately form a vortex.

Many theorize that a black hole is actually a vortex shaped entity that connects to another dimension of space and time. Mathematicians and scientists can explain how it is possible.

From the study of tornados, hurricanes and cyclones we can see that vortex energy takes the shape of a cone or a circle with 3 dimensions (such as the eye of the hurricane). There is an incredible amount of rotational energy in the circumference of the vortex. It happens when 2 opposing forces collide.

From knowing that the shape of a vortex is a cone and the fact that two opposing forces must collide, I had the idea for a vortex energy simulator. I deduced that by building two identical cones of iron, facing them towards each other, and then energizing them in an opposing electromagnetic polarity scenario, I would be creating the conditions observed in nature that manifest as a vortex.

At that point I was able to answer some of the 3 rudimentary questions I had with some rudimentary answers.

1) What is a vortex? It is a spinning cone shaped phenomena of mass and energy.

2) How does a vortex form? Two opposing forces collide in some 3-dimensional space.

3) Why does a vortex form? Something starts the whole entity rotating, centrifugal forces amplify normal Newtonian physics and it quickly builds all three dimensions, becomes self-sustaining for a certain period, and then after the vortex “releases” enough energy it will cease to exist.

The answer to # 3 above brought up even more questions. What is that “something” that starts the rotation? Why do the normal laws of physics seem to not apply when talking about vortex energy? How does it become self-sustaining?

Many scientists think a black hole is a type of vortex that could connect two different parts of space.

is a black hole a vortex?

Many scientists would say yes. Even though we only see the event horizon, that is enough to confirm that matter is being pulled into the center exactly like a tornado or hurricane. There is also an incredible amount of rotational energy, just like a tornado. The rotational and gravitational energy is so strong that is widely believed that a black hole will distort time, space and matter for anything traveling into a black hole as it nears the center.

A black hole is a type of vortex that can alter time and space. It is worth repeating because it is so profound. This means the vortex could be a source of time travel and energy. The intense study of black holes the last several years is where the term vortex energy probably first arose.

If a black hole is a type of vortex, then is it one way as shown above, or is it a bi-directional vortex as shown to the right ? Scientists have been drawing pictures like these ever since the discovery of black holes.

A Vortex can be anything from a tornado or hurricane to a black hole. Is there some common factor amongst all vortex energy that can be engineered to benefit people?  Can vortex energy be tapped and utilized by humans? In the sense of harnessing power from a hurricane or tornado, no. However in the sense of tapping the root energy of a vortex, which is strong rotational energy, with significant centrifugal forces at play, yes and we already are. 

In a sense we already tap the power of the vortex by utilizing the shapes of a cone in many different products. From vacuum cleaners and turbo chargers to the shape of airplane wings and turbine blades in jet aircraft, we have already been tapping into the elusive energy that the vortex represents.

There have been some theories that vortex energy is the power used by flying saucers. There have been people who have built and proven prototype designs such as John Searl's Inverse Gravity Vehicle, that are based upon the strong rotational power of the magnetic vortex. The Searl disk worked by spinning an electromagnetically charged metal disk so fast it would throw off so many electrons that the entire assembly became such a highly charged positive voltage potential as to actually be pushed away from the planet Earth. Similar to when you try to push two same pole magnets together. Two same charges repel.

To the right is a picture of what a spinning magnetic field would look like if you could see it. Instead of air and water, it is magnetic flux lines. Air is still moving with the flux lines since air is easily ionized. The vortex machine I built produces sound waves at the frequencies a human can hear.

Instead of barometric pressure, there is a vortex of magnetic pressure and direction. This could be a very useful mechanism.

One cone was interesting enough. It was when I decided to put two cones together, facing each other that things became very interesting.

make a magnetic vortex

  • Start with an iron cone, with small diameter cut off the tip
  • Wrap it with an insulated wire
  • Power the wire with current
  • Change the frequency to change shape and size of flux lines
  • Use EM detector such as a TriField meter to measure flux lines

My Vortex Research

Out of pure curiosity I decided to build a machine for researching magnetic vortex energy. Since a vortex looks like a cone, It seemed logical to just build an iron cone the shape of the vortex that I wanted to simulate. Then figure out a way to energize it. Since I wanted to experiment with magnetic fields, I decided to wrap the iron cone with an insulated copper wire. The wire could be used to induce a magnetic field in the iron, similar to an ordinary transformer inducing a field in the secondary of a transformer. The strength of the magnetic field could be regulated by controlling the voltage and current in the primary windings. As further experiments proved, I was able to control the shape of the magnetic field even more by controlling the frequency of the energy going into the primary windings.

I started out with one cone. Indeed it created the field that looked like the above left picture. After the first year I realized that I needed a way to spin the field faster on it's own axis. I concluded that a transverse wound coil needed to be wrapped around the main coil to induce a motion on the X-Y axis of the field. In effect a very long skinny insulated spring. It would be pulsed at a higher voltage and frequency than the main coil to induce the motion on the field.

  • A charged metal disk when spun fast enough will throw off electrons, thus making it EM positive
  • Between 1946 and 1956 John Searle found a way to use a magnetic vortex that lifted several air craft
  • Above is a picture of what is possible using magnetic vortex as a propulsion system
  • I found that one can spin the magnetic field rather than a metal disk or ring and get the same effect

vortex propulsion

Vortex Energy may be the key to new types of energy generation as well as propulsion and other devices.

"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." Leonardo Da Vinci


Vortex in fluid dynamics

The vortex in fluid propulsion

Unique Concepts

A vortex is more than the tornados and hurricanes pictured here. It is more than the black holes described here. It is more than this crazy swirling energy that pulls at everything in it's perimeter. It is more because it is a manifestation of a connection to something infinite, something transcendental. This is because a vortex, which is the shape of a cone is the "shape" of the three natural transcendental numbers Pi , phi and E when they are all merged into one "thing" in a 3 D world. The forces of the circle, the simultaneous intertwined exponential curves of phi upwards and of E downwards appear to bend matter and energy into it's own shape, the shape of a cone. It appears that energy takes the "shape" of a cone or spiral naturally, when it is being transferred from one place to another, even when energy is switching mediums.  

Perhaps my training  in electronics helped me understand the vortex from the domain of electro-magnetics. In the EM domain the magnetic field is always at 90 degrees to the flow of electrons. The magnetism does not travel in the same "vector" as the current. It is rotated 90 degrees. Tesla discovered this and used it to make modern motors. If heat acts like magnetism, it comes out perpendicular to the flow of "current".

This would mean that heat can't simply go from the ground up to the atmosphere in a straight line. If heat is like magnetism, it radiates out at 90 degrees to the flow. This means the slightest bit of wind would accelerate the effect. It would produce the same effect you can see with dust devils forming in the desert. The heat spins as it goes up, and it takes lots of desert dust too. This would hold true of the heat in the ocean as it collides with cold damp air. The warm air is rising, but not in a straight line. The wind starts a huge section of air over the ocean to start spinning and then accelerating. Then the forces of the circle, and centrifugal forces take over. A hurricane is born.

The term vortex energy has come to mean a variety of things to people. If you google vortex energy you will be taken to many sites that have to do with what are known as energy vortex sites in the Sedona Arizona area. I have been there to investigate them. I have to say that all the sites are of such immense natural beauty that climbing to the top will certainly give you an endorphin rush, and you will definitely feel something there.

There are many other site that define vortex energy as a type of ineffable energy that humans all have, or that we are able to project out. I say ineffable because the sites don't really explain the mechanisms in a scientific method that I can understand. In those websites vortex energy is a mystical or spiritual energy.

Sedona energy vortex

vortex math

To the right is a mathematically based computerized mapping of the energy fields that happen when I energize my vortex research machine. Measurements with magnetic and electric field detectors verified this drawing. The mapping technique used a Mandelbrot set function to map the elements and different colors for the 3 fields (E, H, and EM) all being channeled and rotated to create the vortex.

infinite numbers

The structure of a vortex can be described mathematically as a "convergence" of the three natural transcendental numbers pi, phi, and E. The math of vortex energy are the infinite numbers of Pi, phi, and E. The cone is the only geometric shape that can geometrically "contain" all 3 natural transcendental numbers. Since math is the language of God, I spent much of the time in my research studying the math behind vortex energy.

geometry and math express each other

The cone to cone configuration was used by Einstein and Rosen to show how time flows in a 3D space. They maintained all space, matter and time, even light were a field that emanated outwards in a conical shape from any point in a 3D space. They further maintained that this field of space-time could be bent with enough gravity. This was the theory of relativity, explained in layman's terms. It has been proven over and over again for the many decades since it was published by Einstein.