An Intrinsic curiosity…

lead to Capturing data about vortex Energy

I have spent 35 years studying the Vortex using a rigorous scientific method that involves taking measurements’ of things like volts, amps, gauss.

Vortex Energy is so much bigger than one human, perhaps it is bigger than the entire human race too. It is something on the level of a universal nature, far beyond the planet Earth. To study and understand Vortex Energy is equally big for a human. Many people on the internet claim to understand Vortex Energy. They claim to be able to have an understanding of the consciousness of the Vortex and the ability to harness the power in some mystical way. I am skeptical. The Vortex appears to be a dimensional entity born from the math of energy, geometry factors , vectors and scalars. The Vortex happens when there is a confluence of factors and events. It is the ultimate expression of the power of math, but I do not believe the Vortex has a consciousness nor can it take on a consciousness. It is too big for a single human to be able to harness.


the Fine Art of research

One good answer Deserves Another question

The 35 years of research on Vortex Energy has resulted in a great deal of knowledge about Vortex Energy. So much that I stand in awe of the power it can unleash. Hurricanes, Tornado’s, Black Holes, no wonder people attach super natural or mystic abilities to a Vortex. It is easy for me to see that people may think the Vortex is an expression of God. In a sense it is, if you view God as a set of laws that encompass all Math, Physics, Energy, Matter and Thermodynamics.

To have been lucky enough to obtain my knowledge and wisdom about the Vortex has been a humbling experience. It was a confluence of factors and events that lead to my path of knowing so much about the Vortex.

Most people would say I am crazy to have spent so much effort on studying Vortex Energy. Therefore, I will remain anonymous so that my friends and neighbors don’t think I am crazy, and I can (hopefully) have a life.